Oak Beam Lamps

Traditional oak lamps

Buy unique rustic reclaimed beam lamps made in the UK

Are you looking to buy a salvaged oak beam lamp? At Lampmaker, we make range of lamps, from small bottle shapes to large vase shapes and plain rustic beam with  200 to 400 year old salvaged old Oak beams.  We also make  large classical shaped lamps from 10 to 20 year old Oak beams.
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Oak Beam Lamp Prices
Bespoke oak lamps from 20 year old Oak beams

Classically shaped  new oak beam lamps:

  • These lamps are made from oak beams up to 20 year old.
  • Every lamp looks different because of the nature of the material.
  • Lamps can be  polished, limed, stained or painted 
  • These lamps will give your home a traditional look
Rustic oak lamps

Selection of rustic lamps

We make lamps using old rustic recycled Oak up to 400 years old. 
All our lamps are handturned turned, woodworm treated, waxed and polished .
Looking for old oak beam lamps? Contact Lampmaker.co.uk for reclaimed old oak beam lamps handmade in the heart of Wales. Call Tony Caplin on
01686 630 113
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